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Comcast Wildcarding DNS

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Thanks comcast.

Reading of the Day(8/14/09)

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Hacker Dojo!
Comcast says FCC cant enforce net neutrality (go F*** yourself comcast)
rising health care costs pushes entrepreneurs to the limit
health care tax - effect of eslf employed


A TV Show with an Episode about Domain Theft?

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So I am sitting with my family and the kids are watching Nickelodeon while I am on my laptop. But then they started talking about URL Transfer Documents. I can't help but watch. They had a whole show about a credit card failing to renew a domain and some kids' quest to get the name back. It's the only time I haven't heard the word domain or cybersquatter detailing the process. Was quite amusing. The show was called '' or some such. Who would have thought that could be the content of a TV episode?

Reading of the Day (8/6/09)

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Netflix Corporate Culture (slideshow presentation)
Hot Waitress Economic Index
Review of The Management Myth

junk dna contains secret to fighting HIV
Funny webhosting site

Twitter Suspends Unused account for *suspicious* activity

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So I like twitter. It's no secret I think it's a neat platform for me to write applications. So I register quite a few accounts for my various websites and personal uses.
I've written a few bots (@WhoisBot and @StupidBot for example) and generally like to make accounts for my websites (@ProxyHost) but this caught me off guard. on CJ

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Just noticed is now on Very quick to develop, quite impressive.

eNom down?

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Get this when I try and see my domains

Reading of the Day (7/23/09)

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It's up to the shareholders to demand change
Connecting the dots isnt enough
Joe Stiglitz about meltdown
Apple wants to sue microsoft over Laptop Hunters advertisements

Reading of the Day (7/16/09)

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Chris Anderson's book free - released free on scribd, mp3 download, itunes, etc
Why Incompetence Spreads through Big Organizations
The Great Bubble Machine
The Man Who Shook Up Vegas

Umm, isn't that a DS lander?

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