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NyQuil Facebook Marketing

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This is the second best facebook marketing program I have seen (The first being the IKEA tag an item to own it campaign). First, it's a large brand that I recognize, but generally don't give a damn about. But I did notice a couple things

Facebook Group
They are marketing their facebook group, not trying to get me directly to their product. They are engaging me in an area I am comfortable with without forcing as much onto me.

FANS! 30,000 of them!
30,199 other people are fans? That's interesting, what am I missing out on? One of people's biggest fears is the fear of loss or missing an opportunity. Well played NyQuil, well played.

Free T-Shirt?!
I love free stuff. Everyone does. I have two of these guys sitting in front of my desktop right now as I write this. Free from my hosting company off a Twitter promo. liquid web heroic support figurine.

Got me, then you lost me
I clicked. I had to know more, I don't like NyQuil nor do I have trouble sleeping but a free tshirt? I am interested... and that's where they lost me. I landed on a nice page and it was obvious where I wanted to go. Free t-shirt.

That's where it went downhill.

So... You want me to install your low rated app that comes with a warning that I giving you access to all my profile information, photos and friend's info (and maybe more)? Whoa there buddy, I was just getting to know you but you're the guy in a white van promising me candy if I come with you. Sorry. You lost me right there.

How could this have been done better?
One platform to engage. You created a facebook group, great start. You wanted photos to be uploaded... great. I clicked on the Photos tab.

Fail. Where are the pictures? You wanted a separate app and to maintain control of your fans' data and your message. Let go. I like free stuff, but I have limits and you are attaching too many strings I don't know about completely. If you want to be viral, you need to give up complete control and let your users' take control of your message or at least share in it. Perhaps you want to only attract your strongest fans and are willing to alienate a few people, maybe it acts as a filter between someone who really wants your t-shirt and those who just wanted something free? From my perspective, if you want me to value your brand, you have to let me take part. What I've taken away form my experience interacting with you (NyQuil) is that it's yours, not mine and I am not ok with that. I don't know your goals or how well you have achieved them but it's nice to see companies moving in the right direction.

Update 1:
During the time it took me to write this article (perhaps an hour at most) approximately 3000 new people joined the group (33,219 from 30,299). Impressive.

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People are still learning. Be patient, Kevin.
Good point, as usual! ;-)

Not really facebook marekting

I wouldn't call that facebook marketing, I would just call that regular marketing. Facebook marketing to me is user engagement and you can't even leave a comment on their fan page.

I agree with you. I think

I agree with you. I think that is where they failed is to really use the platform to engage their users and went back to the traditional marketing tactics. They made an effort and then at the last minute held back that last crucial element of social media: social. They stopped users dead in their tracks from really engaging and put up barriers (I didn't install, maybe there is some great social functionality hidden away in their application fortress - but again, it's a walled fortress, the old marketing tactics).

95,125 fans up from 30,199 in 7 days...

Hmm. Got nothing more to say than note that they have 95,125 fans up from 30,199 in 7 days... (oops, just refreshed and now there are 95,124!)

I don't know what to read into this. If it were better could it be 951,250? Dunno.

I noticed in about 24 hours

I noticed in about 24 hours they were nearing 100,000, I haven't seen any more ads, so I am assuming the campaign finished relatively fast and didn't have much stickiness. Though getting 100k fans that fast is certainly impressive. I wonder what the decline rate will be like or how much residual value they can extract from all those people?

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