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Welcome to @WhoisBot homepage.

What is @WhoisBot?
Simply, it's a whois service for twitter.

How do I use @WhoisBot?
To use @WhoisBot you need to be a follower (and it needs to follow you back... it will do this automatically every so often -- trying to get twitter to automatically do this). Then you simply direct message whois bot a domain name:
dm whoisbot
whoisbot will respond in a couple minutes (also working on increasing quota of queries to make this faster) with the availability of the domain you sent.

More Twitter Bots... @WhoisBot domain lookups on Twitter

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Just wanted to share my weekend project(s) with you guys that Twitter.

@WhoisBot - direct message a domain, its direct messages availability (under testing)
@StupidBot - trivia bot, DM answers to trivia questions, scoreboard @

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