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Reading of the Day (3/28/09)

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Angela Merkel on G20 meeting what not to expect: imf reform agreement or any real solutions to the current situation
Citibank tried to kill our small business, local bank might save us
Requirements suck


Reading of the Day (3/25/09)

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Under Armour CEO cuts pay from 500,000-->26,000 (yes you read that right twenty six thousand) after not meeting growth targets
Mark Zuckerburg doesn't care about you or your stupid opinion about facebook

Reading of the Day (3/18/09)

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Fascinating article about iceland, land of elf inspectors, PhD, fish and aluminium
Economics is NOT a zero-sum game.
Krugman: Europe's structural problems > US
Organ Black Market of Egypt
IBM to buy Sun?

Internet Data Analysis

Reading of the Day (3/16/09)

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fractional reserve banking: is it fraud?
understanding google ad auctions
people just starting their own companies after being tired of looking for jobs
Moody's full of shit -- admit it to courts but don't want you to know

Reading of the Day (3/14/09)

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Adam Smith's market never stood alone - Amartya Sen
Starting a business - things to clarify
Rich hit by ecnoomic crisis, gates #1 again
$250,000 for twitter slot


Reading of the Day (3/1/09)

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How netbook revolutionized computing... trickle up effect
Why Japanese Hate The iPhone (guess that explains my hatred....)
New bailout mascot
It's all greek to me... or is it? map of what cultures use to express not understanding

Reading of the Day (2/26/09)

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Richest 400 pay lower tax rate than those earning 150k
where the money is spent
Housing bubble (case schiller housing index graph)
Japan: the land beyond domain names

Reading of the Day (2/23/09)

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13 sentences for startups. GREAT READ. Guy is part of Y Combinator
Honda's profits, YES PROFITS, down 90%. THEY WERE PROFITABLE. Engineers running the company.
The D-process
MARK CUBAN SOLUTION: open source funding. Pitch to him DIRECT

Reading of the Day (2/16/09)

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Japan's GDP falling at 12.6% per year
Interesting PDF from Carlyle group, focused on MENA region but addresses causes of crisis and its effects on private equity
Facebook owns you, forever.
break em up, break em up, break em up.

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