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Reading of the Day (2/16/09)

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Japan's GDP falling at 12.6% per year
Interesting PDF from Carlyle group, focused on MENA region but addresses causes of crisis and its effects on private equity
Facebook owns you, forever.
break em up, break em up, break em up.
Nationalized by Autumn
Good Business: banker gives 60 million to his staff
Britains bankers plumb to new depths
Risk of running the presses
Have you ever tried to sell a diamond? The world's most successful cartel and branding
panasonic: staff buy our stuff now!

Cleaning cells, makes them last longer. One step towards stopping the aging process
twitter unmasked
Google overtakes MapQuest
Congressional Aide tries to hire hackers to improve his GPA
Artificial DNA points to Alien Life
Nigerian scam hits first government victim?
iPhone gold rush
Where you go on the net is no longer private

Chavez changes term limit
Nuclear Subs crash
Fugitive Octopus: Sid the octopus escapes tank survives 5 days in the drain
Rambo... Russian style

Dump the GOP


BANG! Osaka, Japan you can pretend to shoot people and they will pretend to die

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