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Reading of the Day (2/23/09)

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13 sentences for startups. GREAT READ. Guy is part of Y Combinator
Honda's profits, YES PROFITS, down 90%. THEY WERE PROFITABLE. Engineers running the company.
The D-process
MARK CUBAN SOLUTION: open source funding. Pitch to him DIRECT
Goldman Sachs partners borrowed on goldman accounts, goldman making calls on them... wtf? you want to know what a house of cards looks like...
Startups not bailouts
US: what are we actually manufacturing? Highest value added to manufacturing in the world.
Dollar and gold rally... explained?
No Saab bailout
Swedish Private Equity and venture Capital Association
Why are economists paid so much at universities? (i like the URL - where is my money idiot)
Krugman: intro to his blog

PROGRAMMING SUCKS. or at least it ought to.
Monkey's have morality. Morality part of evolution?
Ubuntu cloud.
egg-sized brain man lives normal life
Why nerds are unpopular
Dating in sweden (thanks eric)
Wanted: layout system

Pillows! I want so many of these... sushi, transformers, book... oh man.

The ads by the Humanist Association of Ottawa, stating “There’s probably no God, now stop worrying and enjoy your life,” were rejected last week.
abortion banned in north dakota house
ex-presidents of latin america urge marijuana legalization
Men and women sin differently

true story about polish war-bear, but written with a lot of humor and great photos
why we go after video game makers
mystery of ireland's worst driver
Computer Trouble [awfully nerdy, but they used the right keywords ;) ]

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