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How Not To Try and Buy A Domain Name

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Here is a pathetic exchange from someone ( trying to buy from me with narration. His emails are blockquoted, my responses are regular, translations in [].

Hey there,
Curious how much/if you'd be willing to sell
How would you want for the name?

[Translation: Gimme gimme gimme]

Gaming is our major development area and we are very invested in the niche. It would take a substantial offer to convince us to pursue the development of other properties. We do on occasion listen to development partnerships though.

[Translation: no]

Okay. I'm a member of DP and found you considering selling this awhile back and I'm just curious what kind of price range you would be looking for. I have plans to develope a gaming/gaming hack site and this domain would be nice if the price is reasonable. Tell me what you'd sell it for (nothing more, nothing less) and I'll see if I can afford it.

[Translation: I am on a low-ball forum, trust me, I saw a 2 year old post listing names for sale, i want to make a site and can't find any good domain names so I will low-ball you, FINAL OFFER ]

No thanks, I don't waste my time.

[Translation: This guy is nuts, he thinks he is in control of these negotiations, what a moron, trying to give me an ultimatum]

Thanks anyways. Your mistake.

[Translation: boo hoo, I am mad]

No, no it's not. gmail address, generic asking for price, no ability to make an offer = waste of time. Your mistake.

[Translation: LOL]

Is 46 rep enough to show you that I wasn't wasting your time by email? Oh right, and another 110 on namepros? and another 50 on dnforum?

You probably lost a sale. Next time treat someone who is interested in your product like a buyer instead of a barterer please. It would save people trouble. :)

[Translation: I am still mad and I need to prove myself to strangers on the internet]

I lost a sale, that is pretty funny. Let's run through some facts shall we,
1. You contacted ME trying to buy MY domain name.
2. You assume I was interested in selling (I'm not)
3. You think I've lost something beyond a bit of time (The humor will probably compensate)
4. You assume I need to treat someone trying to buy my stuff a certain way (I don't - if a random person comes to your home and says how much I can simply ignore them)
5. For someone who claims to be so reputable you still haven't figured out gmail emails are pretty much never taken seriously by domainers.
6. Real interested buyers are capable of making offers.
7. Time wasters, lowballers and idiots can't.

And as a bonus, you think contacting me on DigitalPoint shows you are serious when this forum is filled with lowballers, spammers, scammers and more disreputable people more than any other forum I am aware of related to domain names.

[Translation: bigger LOL]

And that my friends is having fun with gmail spam offers. If anyone else has some fun exchanges, feel free to post and feel free to narrate.

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Your exactly the type of people I don't want to deal with

Think you can go post something like this without me noticing you are wrong. Your the one that looks like a fool so just keep this up on this site.

[Translation: I'm through with this and if you keep bashing me wherever you can, I will do the same but harder.]


Lol wow, this is exactly how you'll never sell your domain names.

I didn't realize you were such an immature kiddie before this post.

It's a shame with domain

It's a shame with domain names you don't get to choose who owns what, isn't it?

this guy is a complete idiot

this guy is a complete idiot

Get off your high-horse

The person asked you how much and you turn it into a tirade. That makes you the clown not the person asking how much! Tell them what you want for it, don't act as if you are God's domain representative on earth!

Many end users have gmail

Many end users have gmail accounts, so what. At the same time, if you really think he was wasting your time you would simply not respond, not say "you are wasting my time" and then go on a blog rant about it.

why like this?

i think you are very rude
you are just a kid, for sure not a buissnes man

It's a shame we are not all as cool as you are

What an asshole....It is amazing how many jerks are around these days


Why being rude.....
Go and f**k ur mother... ass hole...


wow you are an asshole I hope you never make a sale in your life you think your cool but probly some stupid 12 year old that thinks hes hot shit fuck yourself

You certainly are full of yourself...

...but those that insecure often put down others to make themselves feel better/more important. Maybe you don't want or need to be nice, but you could at least be professional, which means you NEVER insult or make personal remarks about someone. I have over 1,000 domains I I won't every do business with someone that acts like you have unless I am really hard up for the cash.

I guess you never heard the story about the lion and the mouse when you were little...? Too bad. And Good luck!

Dude... You're a douche. Way

Dude... You're a douche.
Way to ruin your own reputation.

this is such a good idea but

this is such a good idea but they always want alot of money.

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