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Twitter Traffic Hypothesis

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So I've been playing a lot with twitter lately and my question becomes, how are people driving traffic and what influences it? There are a lot of people spending countless hours or designing automated systems to spam and advertise on twitter but what makes it work (or not work)? Jason Calacanis just offered half a million dollars to be a suggested user and provided a lot of math to justify his offer, but he used some numbers I question, like 10% CTR for a good ad. My experience is the average tweet gets around 1% CTR (just general links, nothing sensationalized) which he also used for his baseline tweet CTR on his questions idea.

So I came up with my hypothesis for what drives traffic is as follows:

Traffic(#_Followers, Tweet_Copy[same as ad copy], User_Voice, RT_Probability(Voice, Time, Previous_RTs), Time, Network_Relationship_History, Tweet_Frequency)

Am I missing any variables? How would you estimate potential traffic of any given tweet? What sort of baseline CTR are you experiencing? Tips/Tricks to tweet more effectively?

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