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Reading of the Day (9/5/09)

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How to Escape Perfectionism
Robert Goldman founds Vascular Designs to save lives after being told it was impossible
Top 4 Things I Learned in Business School
Why Craigslist is such a mess (very interesting look into one of most popular sites on the web run by only 30 people)
What's really happening in the VC industry
Interview with Frank Schilling (one of the most (perhaps the most?) successful domain investors in the world)
Google Books - organizing the world's information - legally?
Marketing Mistakes: WTC... too soon

Magnetic Monopoles detected for the first time
IBM takes first picture of atomic bonds
depression's evolutionary roots
We are very lucky or very wrong about our models
14 year old girls take on drink maker's claims
Coin Toss - How to Win
Anscombe's quartet - the value of graphing data before analyzing
One way ticket to mars
gmail outage - what happened
Tech Support Cheat Sheet

Yemen's drug problem and water shortage

Nifty tool that finds your interests
Probably the funniest twitter account I've seen
Nested Klein bottles

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