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Reading of the Day (9/26/09)

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The Success Story of and the Lessons that can be learned
The TRUTH about Managing Geeks
50 Cent is a savvy business man, he made 100 mil (after taxes) on Vitamin Water and recognizes music piracy as a marketing expense.
Economic Mega-trends that will drive our future
Stiglitz says banking problems are even bigger now
Marketing Agencies Don't Get Social Media
The Threat of Redbox to the Video Industry (Hey guys-you should just do what the music industry does...)
Do Companies have the right of free speech?
Seth Godin on the Music Industry
College Tuition as a % of medium US income (the problem with higher education)
Self-employed are happiest workers
Jobs on twitter
Protect Insurance Companies (PSA from Will Ferrell)
Microsoft Courier (secret tablet pc)
A look inside Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft division (amazing!)

The story of the Gomboc
Women gets pregnant while pregnant
James Bond Squirrel - Mission Peanuts
The incredible story of moving half a ton of weapons grade uranium out of a newly created country
40 species found in papa new guinea crater

Lucid Hydra, vendor agnostic multi gpus
Zodiac 340 Cipher Solved
I had no idea we had nuke squads
Why you need balls of steel to operate a tor exit node
Anscombe's quartet
The History of Computers

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