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Dear Yahoo... Stop f***ing around and innovate

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There, I said it.

You're one of the only hopes at keeping the search marketing area competitive right now and control one of the most well recognized brands on the internet. How you manage to fail at every turn?

Let's take a look at what a friend just showed me today... Yahoo! Meme. Wow, that's an awful lot like twitter you might say. And you would be correct, it looks very much like twitter except it's just a few years later and really offers NOTHING innovative about it. Sorry Yahoo! but your brand isn't strong enough for you to just copy others and think it will magically be awesome. Twitter is very popular now and was picked up by a lot of thought leaders and early adopters who have promoted and made it what it is today. You think anyone is going to give you any credit for... well doing nothing? Nope. Not going to happen. It will probably be another place to spam to get more links to your site and no more because it won't be relevant.

Why am I picking on you, Yahoo!? Well, because I still hope you will stop sucking so bad one day (soon!) and pickup your game if you ever want to try and match Google. I mean this is what your guys are working on and this is what their guys are working on: Google Wave. How come their products appeal so much more to me? Is it because they aren't simply copying everyone?

I see this as just another sign of why older companies struggle and it's the lack of innovation. Copying is easy. It used to be even easier to push around your weight just because you were big and edge out innovative little startups, but now it's harder and harder online. The playing field has been leveled quite a lot and unless you're willing to keep on innovating you will die. And Yahoo!, you are well on your way to a slow and painful death which will hurt publishers all over the Internet. So, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for f***ing it all up for so many of us, we had high hopes, but clearly you will never fulfill them. Hey Mr. Gates - Microsoft may be our only chance at some real competition, you up for the biggest challenge in your company's history?

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