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What is Wrong With the Domain Business Today

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Ok, I wake up, do my morning rounds on the various forums I participate at and come across this gold.

" Is there actually money to be made in selling domains?
Is there? & is it easy & profitable?!? I just got in to it & am really wanting to sell these domains I have. & what is THE best place to sell it. I am using sedo but havent gotten any offers, maybe I should buy a home page feature listing??

Here are some domains I have

They any good? Will I be able to sell these??"


I really wish I had something witty and funny to write about how bad we're screwed but... I simply can't top what was already written. I must be tripping balls over these viral vaginas. So many people are still coming in each day and buying stuff like this, and wondering why it isn't selling, parking them and don't understand why they aren't making money and simply get disgruntled. There are a lot of miserable 'domainers' (I use the term in the loosest way possible, no puns intended) and it can't be good for our image. These newcomers are often buying trademarks, crap and simply ridiculous domains and they are the ones posting the most loudly around the internet. I wish I had a solution for all this but I don't but at least we can see the problem (and get a chuckle out of it as we sadly realize what's happening to the business).

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