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Reading of the Day (8/23/09)

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Human Interest:
The Boy who Heard Too Much

New Solution to Poverty in Africa and the Role Entrepreneurship is Playing
Why stupid people get to the top
Employee or Contractor?
Using Google Docs to sell on Google Checkout
The Economic Disaster
FD - the new lowest grade
US crackdown on Tax Havens
A quick how to on removing content from Google
Iceland... what's still happening?
Chinese Depression? What's actually going on?
Gary Larson (Farside) talks about copyright/ip in a C&D
The Viagra Effect
A Privileged World Begins to Give Up Its Secrets
Steve Jobs Asked Palm not to Hire Apple Engineers (illegal?)
Stop Using 'We'
Thanks Dilbert I understand Financial Services

How to beat carnival games
Moquito repellent
Time is no longer double ended (Why Time Flows 1 Direction)
The World's First Cocaine Bar
How Filmmakers went James Bond on Dolphin Slaughter
Lizard that uses its on ribs to penetrate itself and protect itself

Alan Key's anemic applications
LOLCode - an interesting programming language
hacking comic
history of data copression
some neat JS tools
cruel wifi tricks
Linux kernel bug that went unfixed for 8 years
Infiltrating a Botnet
Basecamp hacked in 1 click :(
From Pint to Web Design
Dirty Coding Tricks

Spaghetti Bolognese

Programming Jokes

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