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Online Business Models Breakdown

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I was reading an interesting article from Chris Anderson (Who I Met @ Media Evolution Press Conference(With Video)) and got to talk to him about some of these models, specifically the meta models he lists.

As a fan of what he is saying and someone who makes a living off these meta models and I.T.A. models I find it quite fascinating to see where sites are really going for revenue. One reassuring thing I noticed was that there were no L.S. companies listed (that I could see?) which is the youtube, twitter (maybe?), etc model of building it up and exiting and letting someone else deal with it.

One interesting note was I.P.P (selling physical goods) was only 5%. FIVE. That really makes you think about how the world has changed in the last 10-15 years and the sorts of entrepreneurs that are now entering the scene, and the variety of opportunities for different business models and ideas to succeed.

It's a great day for web based entrepreneurship :)

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