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Reading of the Day (2/8/09)

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A New Bretton Woods? More powerful IMF. What will the world do?
The Canadian Solution (Fareed Zakaria - one of my personal favorites)
'economists who support Keynesian spending programs in theory tend to overlook the self-interested behavior of the politicians who must spend all the money in practice.'
Understanding AIG, with cows.
Life in Rome, what life really cost
Green Municipal Bonds, interesting idea
Fun graph of job losses compared to past recessions
2008-2013... what happens?
Madoff's victims... ok a few sob stories... but seriously, 'enjoyed returns of 10 to 12 percent each year on his savings for about 15 years regardless of whether markets rose or fell.' Sometimes, you just have to wonder.
The Black Swan formation in S&P 500... sign of the apocalypse

THIS IS NET NEUTRALITY: If I pay to connect to the Net with a certain quality of service, and you pay to connect with that or greater quality of service, then we can communicate at that level.
Being Alone. Can we? Network theory (Milgram, Granovetter) What has technology done to us?
The Banker and the Biologist: Genentech, E. coli and gene cloning
Teaching Kids to Program
Probabilistic Computing
The Coldest Year in Europe
'I live smelling death, but it is fine' life of a delhi sewer cleaner
Ancient Egyptian Maps
Noah's not so epic flood
Art in Egypt, very beautiful

Bolivia enacts new constitution, 'this is the second independence, the true liberation of Bolivia'
US threatens to stop sharing intel with Britain over British Guantanamo detainee, WTF?
At least someone stands behind Michael Phelps

Rotating Circles
State of the Web (Winter 09)
101 Things to be thankful for during economic Armageddon

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