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Reading of the Day (2/6/09)

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Been a crazy week... haven't been updating as often as I would have liked. This one is big.

Pride. Don't have an exit strategy? You and the war in Iraq.
Why Amazon is thriving (hint: economies of scale, customer service)
Bank of America: deceptive collection processes
Top 10 Resume lies (find something else to lie about)
Internet Censorship battle in US finally over, 10 years later
Why 'citizens' aren't economists... perhaps education system has failed them, but certainly the average man shouldn't be running the economy (not saying those in charge now are white knights... but still)
Finally, Goldman Sachs may be told to shove it. You couldn't run your business before, and now that your personal income is threatened, you want to shape up?
Tax, not cap. A CEO's solution.
Google Execs face jailtime for video posted on google video in italy. Really? Im moving back to the US if this holds in the EU.
Donald Trump: Obama is right to cap exec pay.
Financial Coup d'Etat and Rethinking diversification

Multiple Google Inboxes
Getting rid of the grade, and losing your job
Enterprise SEO
A split in MySql? Founder leaves Sun.
Fix It. Microsoft's new approach.
Re-creating the button. The story behind Google's buttons 2.0
Mammoth found in NYC
Google: Speed matters. Users want it NOW.
Science and Buddhism

Selflessness: 7 year old boy saves sister
Europe at risk of increased social tensions... the end of social europe?,2933,488348,00.html
Odd talk at Ted. Bill Gates lets mosquitoes out on the crowd saying malaria isnt only for the poor

Humans are among us
The dangers of World of Warcraft (so true!)
Credit card fun (slightly NSFW)

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