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Reading of the Day (2/3/09)

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Creative Business Card:

Krugman: buy the damn banks already, nationalize.
Joe Stiglitz: rethinking the bailout before it's too late. nationalize, align incentives. is there an echo in the room? Why are we so afraid of nationalizing them? Buy the damn things already. These crooks need to go.
'Cash for Trash'
The Coffee shop that nearly destroyed his life and marriage, an entrepreneur's story
Facebook selling user data. We all knew it was coming eventually.
'The Paradox of Thrift' - Americans are finally starting to save... when it hurts most.
Why the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is holding at 8000?
China's Credit Card Market
Lower credit limit based on where you shop? (walmart) thanks guys. because someone is trying to be more frugal... you penalize them. i guess i should spend excessively and you'll up my limit? isn't this whole thing characteristic of the whole problem we are in now?
China Bankruptcies, Unemployment and social unrest
Why America is Lost in Space
Bank Earnings 102: Income Statements vs Balance Sheets
Deadlines vs Estimates.
Japan: sewage more gold than mines
'The most effective debt collecting email i've written'
Click Fraud Cyber-blackmail. Good plan guys. I hope you go to jail.

Gene Therapy Enters Trials to Cure HIV.
Calling International Space Station... We built this radio thing to talk with you
RFID cloning, hacked passports.
Distribution of Blood types

Tough Guys Challenge (DAMN. Also look at #14 Very Nice!)

New university... run by nasa, google, and more.
Guide to converting to metric (funny)
The weakness of cryptography (funny)

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