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Reading of the Day (2/12/09)

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China Sticking with US Bonds. Only Option, Hate Us But Nothing Else is Safe.
Greenspan: not my fault, blame congress, ratings agencies
Krugman: Gold Standard: should we go back?
Elements of Sustainable Companies, Business Plan Tips
Adam Smith has the Last Laugh
Settling scores with wallstreet
Fun idea for the banks

Harder than Diamonds
Gender Issues: Socialization vs Evolution, Boy Toys vs Girl Toys, Innate Not Socialization says study
Smoother, Better, Energy Generating Rides: Shock Absorbers that generate power from bumps
Man appears free of HIV after stem cell transplant
Kindle 2.0
Potential breakthroughs in Aids prevention
Hottest and Coldest year?!

How to NOT sort by average rating
What I learned from movies about computers
MIME Sniffing, Internet Explorer hole
jQuery fun

The end of the rainbow
yearbook photos of your favs (obama, bush, gore, cheney, clinton, et al)

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