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Reading of the Day (12/22/08)

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HOW TO MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION. READ IT. "Business is far too competitive to risk making a bad impression. But it's not that hard to make a positive one. Just think about the way you like to be treated as a client."
Beggar Thy Neighbor? DO we forget history so easily?
Being nice to our lenders (China/Japan). One of the most open and candid interviews from a Chinese official holding hundreds of billions of our debt.

Facebook Groups... College Prowler creates incoming class facebook groups, marketing genius or gross invasion of privacy and trust?
Product Placement.

Dual Monitor Laptops, while the world goes into a recession Lenovo comes up with this beast.
Good Programmers vs Cheap Hardware
Linux Commercials?
Solid State Drives... the end of disks?

Smart kids: more prone to alcohol problems? sir I don't have a drinking problem, I have an intelligence problem. Guess theold maxim Ignorance is bliss might be true!
Re-attached head of decapitated boy. Miracle of science.
Science of Hangovers.

Damn aussie kids.
Dilbert :)

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