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Reading of the Day (12/10/08)

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Job Interviews: Bullshit questions and the 1 Important Question. A lesson in dumb luck and hopefully some fundamental changes in the interview policies at companies.
8 Really, REALLY scary predictions about the economy
'Capitalist Fools' by Joseph Stiglitz, 5 causes of the current crisis. Thanks Joe, maybe you should have done more while you were in the white house instead about writing about it now?

Linux is holding kids back? The amazing ignorance of a teacher in Texas. ' No software is free and spreading that misconception is harmful'
The Linux Potato... ok that's cool. I admit I am impressed you installed linux on a Potato but there are just so many questions I want to ask after reading this

Dolphins added to list of animals that use tools besides humans

Somali pirates get money for Ukrainian tanker Faina carrying tanks. Piracy = good for shipping industry?

Jon Stewert interviewing mike huckabee, the only man (not) in news willing to really ask the question and press politicians for real answers

Spin the black circle, easy concept, very challenging and fun
Word Game, giant, life consuming word game. Have fun ;)

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