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So I saw a new post from DNW about Content Promote, sounds like a familiar idea. Let me introduce a service from the guys at Content Promote allows you to post articles and have them syndicated on the same network (whypark's network). Article Marketing Automation plays on both sides of the fence. You can submit articles that get syndicated across many subscribers but also subscribe your own websites to certain niches to get those articles. For example, I own and run a wordpress blog about Credit Cards. I signup for AMA and then configure my wordpress XMLRPC so that new posts from the credit cards or financial categories are automatically posted (I can even rate/limit how many get posted per day).

Alternatively, I can write articles about credit cards and submit them and have them syndicated to all the sites set to receive content from the category(s) I put my article into. Then AMA publishes them the sites and you get backlinks and they get content.

What's the difference? AMA is using XMLRPC to send content to any site which can handle it (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc) so the content is spread over hundreds of IPs of different webmasters with different networks and content instead of 1 group of sites with similar or the same IP and all looking the same.

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