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Reading of the Day (1/31/09)

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Google Apps woes: no support, domain name renewal issue cripples ability of business to operate
What makes gold different from any other commodity? Why don't we have a wheat based dollar?
'Laissez-faire capitalism is a politico-economic system based on private ownership of the means of production and in which the powers of the state are limited to the protection of the individual’s rights against the initiation of physical force.'
Where did all the money go? (Short Illustrated Presentation)
The Good Bank model, an interesting change from the bank bank or aggregator bank to hold toxic assets
Wall street idiots - executive pay
Bill Gates: 4 year downturn
Soros: What we are facing now is more challenging than the great depression
Giuliani thinks giant wallstreet bonuses are needed for trickle down economics
Peter Schiff responds
Hyperinflation: could it happen again? Morgan Stanley paper
46/50 States facing budget shortfalls in 2009 or 2010
What do YOU do in your spare time? The most important interview question ever?
Why EGM Died

The Next Iceland... who could fall? Great Britain, Latvia, Greece, Ukraine, Nicaragua
The World's First Gay leader, Johanna Sigurdardottir, Iceland's new PM
Development in Dubai outpaces ability to protect environment
Russia has protests in Vladivostok
New secretary of labor, easier to unionize?,27574,24988152-29277,00.html
Cop doesn't get free donuts and throws tantrum. Krispy Kreme now giving old donuts to homeless. Win win.

This is why I love science: flood resistant rice crop. Genetic engineering could change the lives of millions of people living under the harshest and poorest conditions on earth
Energy.... putting things in perspective by order of magnitude
Michael Arrington taking a break
Unix admin saves Fannie Mae

How We Make Websites (BBC)

A sad story about a beloved pet

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